Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmad maqari
Chief imam of the central mosque abuja Nigeria (Title professor ) Personal
Born. Ibrahim Ahmad maqari 15 September 1976 northern religion Nigeria.

Religion. Islam
Nationality. Nigeria
Ethnicity. Kanuri
Era. Modern era
Region northern Nigeria
Denomination sufi sunni tariqa
Jurispry. Maliki
Movement. Tijaniyya
Main interest (s) . and commentaries (tafsir) preaching
Notable .chief imam
Occupation. scholar
Children 7+.

Prof Ibrahim Ahmad maqari born on 15th September 1976 in Zaria city Kaduna state Nigeria .professor maqari is a Nigeria cleric mufassir and chief imam of the abuja national mosque in Nigeria
Early life.

Prof maqari was born in Zaria in Nigeria in the middle family his father was a civil servant and a teacher and his grandfather was from barno state for acquiring Islamic education in Zaria after earning Islamic education and fiqh he decided to go home to teach in His home town borno state emir of zazzau at that century hinder him to leave Zaria and the emir said no scholar would come to his town and leave after earning knowledge in Hausa language the the emir gave him home to live near to zazzau emirate.


Prof maqari started his primary educated in katsina state of Nigeria in 1987 sheikh maqari memorized the holy Qur’an at the age if 13_14 after completed his primary school he has move to jUMA,atu college of Arabic studies in Zaria Kaduna state for secondary education he hold the first Bsc education from a famous al-azhar university Cairo in 1999 he also hold master’s degree in 2005 at ahmadu bello university Zaria after that proceeded to bayero university kano for Phd in 2009 which he completed the doctorate doctorate degree in 2 year in 1999.

professor Ibrahim Ahmad maqari start lecturing at ahmadu bello university Zaria he was appointed as Senior lecturer at Kaduna state university in 2010 after spending almost one years lecturing professor maqari proceed to bayero university kano where he serve as a prof in Arabic and linguistics department and he retire in 2020 …

His books:-
1 new generation 3
2 alzzahirat alsalafiat
3 shi’eri hubbul ilaahy
4 a’alamus shi’eril muusahah
5 alhawaa wabina ‘is suratu shiri yahya
6 attanaasu bai all limtisasi wal’intisasi etc.

5 things you may not know about prof maqari the chief imam of national mosque
His full name is professor sheikh Ibrahim Ahmad maqari sa,eed a prof of Arabic on the department of Arabic language bayero university kano and at the same time chief imam of national mosque abuja .

The astude scholar was born in Zaria town 1976 He began his Islamic education at a tender age he didn’t joint western education untill after he finish memorized the holy Qur’an his Western education journey was astonishing pfif maqari relentlessly pursued his studies and his hail today as one of the most gifted scholar in Nigeria here are 5 facts about the renown scholar.

1 he finished his PhD in 2 years to finished PhD program within 2 years in any of the Nigeria universities is a awesome because of the prevailing challenges in the nation public universities .prof maqari was so lucky to achieved such height .he did his PhD at bayero university kano
His vibrancy and gifted nature connot be over emphasised the normal duration of a PhD program in Nigeria 36 months but many bright students in the past had been handed the certificate in similar manner because of their zealous sacrificed.

2 he became a prof at age of 36 years another achievement the reputable scholar has in his record is becoming a prof at a young age of 36 years in Nigeria you will find a 40 years old studying fie a first degree.

3 he fist became deputy imam 1 of the national mosque he was appointed as deputy chief imam of the renown mosque in 2013.he was an prof association at the time.

4 he was appointed chief imam of national mosque in may 2015 as a result of the demise if the chief imam of the mosque prof was appointed as the chief imam of national mosque in may 10 2015
5 he is correctly at bayero university prof maqari is correctly lecturing at the department of Arabic bayero university kano the university where he obtained PhD program ?

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