Sheikh malam tijjani guruntum is a reputable Islamic scholar in Nigeria he hails from Turunrum area of bauchi state from a very tender age his parents enrolled him in an informal qur,an school in order to learn the recitation of the holy qur,an.

He later proceeded to advanced school where he learnt the teaching contained in the glorious qur,an sheikh tijjani Yusuf also obtained lectures from various Islamic scholar especially on the lifestyle of the holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) (may peace be upon him).he became very famous in Nigeria after he was crowned as a chief imam .

Also he started givjn out lectures on various Islamic topic sheikh tijjani Yusuf guruntum also hold special lectures session where he read out the teaching of various books relating to Islam jurisdictions indeed bauchi state is blessed with abundant Islamic scholar on different Islam jurisdictions.

for instance the likes of sheikh dahiru usman bauchi who is well know today in Nigeria and many other African countries.Sheikh dahiru usman bauchi vast knowledge of hadeeths .he run a charity foundation with the aim of promoting and developing Islam in Nigeria.

Domin Ciga Da Karin Tarihin Rayuwar Fitattun Malan Mai Ku Shiga Nan

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  1. Mash Allah my almighty bless sheikh ahmad tijjani yusuf guruntum and all of our islamic sheikh in nigeria

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